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Wed Dec 31 16:04:48 PST 2014


A couple of us got a good look at a female Wilson's Warbler at Seattle's
Montlake Fill mid-day today. It was foraging in blackberries and such
near young conifer plantings on the east side of the main trail where it
branches around the first pond (with the "gator crossing" sign) met when
walking from the Center for Urban Horticulture. I may have glimpsed the
bird yesterday, but unfortunately, that's not enough for the Seattle C.
B. C.'s count week.

There are still Redheads in the bay, and yesterday, a male Eurasian
Wigeon. I didn't see swans nor Swamp Sparrow either day, but we did
watch a vole eating for a bit today.

31 December, 2014,

Alan Grenon

the bird: olive green but fairly bright above (brighter than kinglets),
with no wing bars nor tail spots; bright yellow below, from face to
vent, with contrasting green crown; black eyes and narrow bill;
flitting and gleaning in shrubs; a little bigger than nearby Kinglets
(both spp.)
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