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Dennis, Carol, &  Tweeters:  A few days ago I was birding Hood Canal and counted 382 Brant. They were well off shore, about half way between Union and Potlatch State Park in The Great Bend part of the canal. I also needed a scope to ID them. They appeared to be resting. None of them looked like they were feeding.Terry SissonOlympia
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Thanks, Carol.
But why be out in the middle of the Sound if they weren’t moving between areas? They have to feed, and being geese, they eat a lot of the time. Is there floating sea lettuce and/or eel grass out there in the convergence lines?
Dennis PaulsonSeattle

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Dennis and Tweeters,

Brants are in Edmonds marine waters in the fall. The first sighting this year was November 10th. I reported that on November 15th. The numbers have been slowly increasing but the geese remain in the offshore waters, best seen by scope. They are reflected in many ebird checklists for the Edmonds Waterfront ebird hotspot. I guess most think of the Brant as a spring bird because that is when it starts bulking up on sea lettuces, closer to shore, before it migrates north for the summer. That is when we all get our best views of this species.

Carol Riddell
Edmonds, Wa

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