[Tweeters] Seattle Big Box Hawk

Bruce Lagerquist runningdoggie at live.com
Tue Dec 30 18:55:44 PST 2014

Hey Tweets,
Seems as thought there's either a Sharpie or a Coopers that's been working both the Bitterlake Home Depot and Lowes (Aurora around 120th - 125th) knocking off the pigeons that hang both inside and outside the store. My friend saw him pretty deep inside Lowes perched up on the racks and his wife told me she saw him just inside Home Deopot. They're pretty happy to have him around Home Depot, one of the managers said he's been doing a good job with the pigeons. Not sure but I'd bet it's the same bird. I've been into both stores recently and haven't seen him in either. It would be interesting to know if he's been taking advantage of the free coffee or is considering opening up a line of credit?

Bruce Lagerquist

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