[Tweeters] A Rustle of Towhee's

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Fri Dec 26 11:45:03 PST 2014

Oh sure, you've got your 'Murder' of Crows, your 'Covey' of Quail, and maybe a 'Gaggle' of Geese. But how about them Towhee's?
I came across a herd of these birds on Christmas day in the forest of Fort Worden , here in Port Townsend. It was a very quiet bird day - a few chirping Robins, trilling Varied Thrushes, cheeping Song Sparrows, and yakking Red-breasted Nuthatches, were the main components of bird sound on my walk.
Then, right near the end of my saunter, I heard a bunch of loud rustling under the trees.. "Well podner", I said to myself, "sounds like some of them dern rustlers!" ( I have been reading a lot of Larry Mc Murtry novels this year). And indeed, there was an exceptional amount of rustling going on out there under the Salal and other shrubbery. I had my suspects.
My suspicions proved correct, as a number of Spotted Towhee's revealed themselves - more than half a dozen . Rustling towhee' s are not really a big surprise usually, but this bunch was the largest group of rustler's I've ever heard rustling in one place. As the towhee's came out to light - checking me out- they were joined by their sidekick's - several Dusky Fox Sparrows - also known rustler's.
A 'Rustle' of Towhee's - I think that term works pretty well. I like it, and Towhee's too.
Jeff Gibsonwith the Towhee's, inPort Townsend Wa

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