[Tweeters] Some Okanogan birds

Stefan Schlick greenfant at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 25 19:06:12 PST 2014

I spent the day in the Okanogan Highlands today. Birding was REALLY, REALLY slow, reminiscent of last year. No redpolls, Pine Grosbeaks, Snow Buntings and a general lack of flocks and small birds.
Northern Pygmy-Owl (1 at Nealey & Chesaw Rd, 1 at Fancher Dam Rd triangle)Black-backed Woodpecker (1 nicely calling bird at Highlands Snopark)Wild Turkey (flock of 20 at Chesaw Cemetery; also the semi-domesticated flock along Havillah Rd)Gray Partridge (great looks of a flock of 15 along Nealey Rd about 0.5mi west of feeders; even got decent pix)Gray-crowned Rosy-finches (~40 at Nealey Rd feeders)Golden Eagle (1 calling bird near Mary Ann Ck & Chesaw Rd; 1 near Nealey Rd feeders)Barrow's Goldeneye (1 at Molson Lake)
Yesterday, 2 most unexpected birds were along Cameron Lake Rd:
Marsh Wren (1 at 48.143005, -119.555507, also calling; this is the "Tree Sparrow spot")Bewick's Wren (1 at 48.220393, -119.491857; also calling)
Also, I was able to cash in on the Red-breasted Mergansers on Lake Osoyoos just before dark (2 drakes were visible from just south of Boundary Point).
Stefan SchlickHillsboro, OR

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