[Tweeters] Bridgeport CBC/Snowy Owl

merdave at homenetnw.net merdave at homenetnw.net
Mon Dec 22 19:45:27 PST 2014

Sat., Dec. 20th we held the 19th Bridgeport CBC. This year the weather
was terrible: snow or rain ALL day, plus some fog. Twelve very dedicated
birders stuck it out and we had a total of 82 species, our lowest ever.
We missed two species that had been seen every year, Pheasant and Downy
Woodpecker. BUT, we got one new species, Snowy Owl!!!

The owl was found off N. Division at the top of Central Ferry. Roads were
bad, and some, inc. N. Division, are not plowed. We have seen 2
different Snowies in this area, usually between Rds. 20 and 27. The
weather makes these roads unpredictable, as we go from freezing to the
40s, and back. More snow/rain is in our forecast. Hope all your CBCs go
well. Meredith Spencer, Bridgeport

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