[Tweeters] Magnuson Barn Owl show tonight left us confused

Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 20 19:32:49 PST 2014

Hi All,
Delia and I just got back from Magnuson Park where we went to attend the Barn Owl Show.  We were thrilled and not disappointed by it, but I'd say we were a little confused.  From a long way off we heard incessant very loud kleak kleak calls, which we decided were emanating from the stand alone box.  When we got within 100 yards to get a visual, there was a Barn Owl on the box who left fairly soon, perhaps because of us so we left and returned in a blind (car).  After that a period of silence was followed by increasingly loud and insistent kleak kleak kleak cals from inside the box.  A Barn Owl flew in and entered the box--they have a slightly hard time getting in, which I would think is very good--and the calls persisted.  Then another Barn Owl came along and tried to get into the box but seemed to be rebuffed or gave up and flew away.  Eventually the calls died down but not before that or some other Barn Owl from the row of Big Firs gave three nice regular Barn Owl screams.
It would have made sense to us if the bird in the box could be a baby, but that would seem to be out of the question in Dec. Conceivably they were working on box ownership?Best wishes,

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