[Tweeters] Lambert Road Ruffed Grouse

Scott Ramos lsr at ramoslink.info
Wed Dec 17 22:25:22 PST 2014

During the Cle Elum CBC, our group of 4 explored Lambert Road, among other areas. In the morning, we flushed a Ruffed Grouse, getting a view of only a startled escape flight. It would have to do as a life bird for one of us. Later, on our return to Cle Elum, we decided on one more visit to Lambert Road. We passed another grouse, this time perched in an easy view. Maneuvering the car as a blind, we were able to get remarkably close to the bird without spooking it into flight. And the result was a precious photo op of a gorgeous bird.

RUGR Photo:
https://picasaweb.google.com/104613265151815506340/LambertRoad#6094049661131916818 <https://picasaweb.google.com/104613265151815506340/LambertRoad#6094049661131916818>

Not far from this spot, we were on foot looking for other birds and ran across a couple of carcasses just off the road: pig and what appeared to be deer. At that moment, a Mountain Chickadee dropped in and began feeding off the latter carcass. We thought it might be picking bugs from the carcass; a closer look at the video shows it to be prying off small chunks.

MOCH video:

Scott Ramos

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