[Tweeters] WA Park Arboretum Pine Grosbeak relocated today 12/16

Charles Desilets csdesilets at comcast.net
Tue Dec 16 15:36:43 PST 2014

The female Pine Grosbeak previously reported in the Sorbus (Mountain Ash)
collection area was relocated around 12 PM today. Two ladies had found it
when I walked up, located near the top of the relatively large Sorbus
Hybrida (marked) specimen at the south end of the Sorbus "zone" on the west
side of the trail. It was seemingly oblivious to us birders and was gorging
itself on berries. The tree still has a lot of dead leaves on it which gave
the bird a good cover while making it difficult to spot for birders. It was
still there when I left 20 minutes later.

Charlie Desilets


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