[Tweeters] Pine Grosbeak

Mary Anne Thorbeck maryannethorbeck at comcast.net
Mon Dec 15 12:21:42 PST 2014

The female Pine Grosbeak continues this morning in the Washington Park
Arboretum. Searched the Sorbus area and fence line (next to the golf
course) where there are multiple berry trees. A cooper's hawk was in the
area and shut down the bird activity near the tree where the grosbeak was
seen previously yesterday and the day before. Patience paid off and the
grosbeak made an appearance a bit before 10am a bit south of the previously
mentioned feeding area. Many robins and varied thrush in the area along
with other expected birds at this location. We (Anne Jacobs, Barry Levine
and Hank Elliot) had good long looks in petty good light as the grosbeak was
actively feeding in a sorbus hybridia. Thanks to Anne for spotting the
bird. Her report is on eBird. The bird did vocalize before it was spotted
in the tree but we did not hear any more vocalizations once it was spotted.
We watched her for more than 20 minutes before taking off.

Mary Anne Thorbeck

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