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hello everyone,

those of you who have read my blog for more than a decade (and my private
emails for longer than that!) know that i've never before compiled a list
of what i consider to be the best bird books of the year. but it seems that
there are very few people out there (and no one in the MSM) who actually
focus on such things as "bird lit".

so i felt it was my duty to fill that gaping hole with my"best bird books
of 2014" list, which is here:





these books are a nice mix between personal stories with conservation,
pets, falconry, language, evolution, monograph, and of course, the
encyclopedic -- something for everyone.

the only requirements i had are that the book is about birds (duh!) and
that it was published in 2014. if you have additions to make to this list,
i'd be thrilled if you share them on the guardian where everyone can read
about them, and add them to their own holiday gift purchase lists. i am
sure the books' authors would love to read your comments as to why you
chose their book or books as your "best of 2014".

i also am working on a "best of" naturalists' book list, which i will
likely publish tomorrow.

of course, i am interested to read what you think are the best books of
2014 published about natural history -- do email me at
grrlscientist at gmail.com

many thanks!

Devorah Bennu, PhD
birdologist at gmail.com
http://about.me/grrlscientist <http://gplus.to/grrlscientist>
*sunt lacrimae rerum et mentem mortalia tangunt. [*Virgil, *Aeneid*, 1.461
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