[Tweeters] Pine Grosbeak was seen at 3:50pm

Qinglin Ma qinglineric at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 20:31:17 PST 2014

Hi Tweets,

Just an update on the Pine Grosbeak at the Arboretum. I went this afternoon
at 3:30pm. A few of us waited at the Mountain Ash tree that was loaded with
berries. The bird was not there but lots of Varied Thrushes. At about
3:50pm I heard its chirping and found it about 200ft further down south of
the trail on the top of a tree. A Robin came and chased it away. It took
off towards the Golf Course. Later I heard its chirping from further away
again once but could not find it. I waited at the Mountain Ash tree until
4:30pm but the Bird was not back.

Good luck tomorrow if you go,

Qinglin Ma
Kirkland, WA
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