[Tweeters] Pine Grosbeak continues at the arboretum

Kathy Hartman kathartman at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 14 13:36:40 PST 2014

The female Pine Grosbeak was very active this morning, flying around in the mountain ashes and eating loads of berries. She was still there when I left at about 12:30. 
I often located her by the call, which you can hear on the Cornell Lab Macauley library website, recording #6 (the first 45 seconds should do it). If this link doesn't work, just go to macaulaylibrary.org and search for Pine Grosbeak.

There were also TONS of Varied Thrushes, and a few Hermit Thrushes thrown in for good measure. 
And, it was fun to meet all the people who were standing out in the cold with me. My feet are finally warming up.

Seattle, WA

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