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Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Fri Dec 12 12:50:00 PST 2014

Just now, reading the newspaper, I saw the photo of some Orca's.
That reminded me of a Puget Sound Orca experience I had a few years ago working at Mission Beach, on the Tulalip rez, just north of Everett.
I was being paid to trim somebody's sword ferns on a property perched high atop the bluff there, when I heard a big crash out toward the water. Running out to the bluff edge , I looked out. I didn't see any possible source of the sound. "What the heck was that!", I wondered. It was mysterious because it was a calm day, no waves. Later I heard the sound again, and ran out to see what I could see. That time I really lucked out.
What I saw was a breaching Orca. In one of those remarkable moments of the human body's ability to "capture" an image, I just happened to see the Orca right at the top of it's arc - seemingly levitating horizontally above the murky Sound waters. What a mental snapshot that was. Gravity soon prevailed ,and the Orca , with a big sound splash, disappeared into the water. I never saw, or heard it again.
As you probably know, the human body is sort of an unreliable image storage unit. Before camera's, there were stories to keep images alive. So that's my memory bit.
In another exciting episode of 'trimming sword ferns', I was trimming my mom's sword ferns here in Port Townsend this spring. It's a quiet spot, on a quiet road, so I was able to overhear a family conversation going by down the road. It was a dad on a bike, with one of those little "kid trailers" towed behind, slowly going down the hill here, with it's great Sound view.
The bitty little girl in the trailer was just in the process of saying " I don't hear anything!", when dad replied:
"Oh, it's the water - people just call it the Sound"
If there were anymore questions about that, I didn't hear them.
Jeff GibsonSounding off, in Port Townsend WA

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