[Tweeters] Foxy Sparrow

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Wed Dec 10 01:16:42 PST 2014

After today's windstorm blew though here in Port Townsend, I got an urgent call.

"Jeff! Jeff! Come up here quick!", my elderly Mother whispered loudly down the stairs to where I camp out. Mom has Alzheimer's, so I wasn't sure what she needed or wanted.
Getting upstairs, Mom excitedly ushered me over to the window, and pointed out a bird on the deck, where she feeds them. "Jeff" , Mom said, still whispering loudly, " look at this bird! What is it? I've never seen one like this before!" The bird, a Fox Sparrow, was busy doinking at birdseed. "Oh, that's a Fox Sparrow, Mom", I said. "Pretty, isn't it?".
And it was. This bird was a particularly bright "slate-colored" version (with Sibley as my guide). I pointed out the various features of the bird to Mom; the rufous tail, eye ring, and partially yellow bill. The bird turned around. " Oh, just look at those spots!" Mom exclaimed with child-like wonder, as the bird showed it's spotted breast off. The bird appeared remarkably like a Hermit Thrush - a Hermit Thrush with a nose job anyway.
With looks made for radio, and a voice best heard on email, my air guitar isn't much better, so I just did a few mental licks of Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" as the inner soundtrack to the personal nature experience I was having. I don't know if the sparrow was a lady or not - hard to tell with those sparrows.
So, Mom and I had another nature moment together, with the sparrow. It was cool. "Child-like wonder"-a state of awareness often found in the young, and sometimes, old. Of course, it's a quality you can experience all along your path - not just at the beginning, or end - if you're sort of foxy . Or maybe, just a lucky duck.
Jeff Gibsonwatching them birds, inPort Townsend Wa

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