[Tweeters] Horizontal Birding

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Tue Dec 9 07:59:56 PST 2014

Hey, I don't know whats going on right now in your neck of the woods, sagebrush, or New York, but here in Port Townsend Washington it's really blowing!
"It" would be Mother Nature. I'm sure Cliff Mass could actually explain why, but in simple terms the air flow around here is headed North in a rapid fashion. According to that excellent weather info source www.wunderground.com, here it's blowing in the mid- thirty's with gusts in the mid forties.
And it's a beautiful thing really. Even though you've maybe lost your power, may the Force Be With You. Here it's another reason to be thankful for clouds. It's a real cloud show. While it was still dark, I went out for a short walk and the clouds zooming past the largish moon, provided quite a pale light show down here on ol' Terra Firma. Moving moonshadows.
Watching clouds out my bedroom window, as I lay in bed "doing the horizontal" (pretending to be sleeping), I was excited to see the various cloud speeds - farther clouds slower, nearer faster. Cool.
"Well" I was thinking "it's gonna be an interesting day for the birds!", just as a Bald Eagle zoomed by across my window view. Yahoo.
Jeff Gibsonin Port Townsend Wa

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