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Mitch biglou22 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 16:32:49 PST 2014

I spent a great Sunday mostly up in the Samish area, seeing all the birds
posted earlier by Barbara, but to add to that were two Peregrins that never
got too far from each other. Just north of the West 90 parking lot, they
were perched next to each other on a wire. I also watched 4 Short Eared
owls out in the 90 playing and hunting and buzzing the tower of a Red
Tailed on a post.
I also spotted a Sharp Shinned Hawk near the entrance at the Skagit
Wildlife Area.
On my way home I always like to slide down the back way into Stanwood to
check out Eide Road where I was greeted for the second time that day with 4
more Short Eared Owls gliding around. As I finally gave up any sort of
realistic photos in the dying light I noticed movement in the big stand of
bushes past the parking lot. It had the shape of an owl so decided to
attempt using a flash to illuminate the dark. The owl was either oblivious
or very obliging as I was able to move closer than I wouldve imagined. I
went back to the car to grab my girlfriend for her to see in person, but
when I got back he had moved (or she). Luckily it only moved to the bushes
along the closed pathway right behind that bush and it let me get even
closer. What I had originally thought was a Great Horned owl, now I am
80-85% sure its actually a Long Eared Owl. After looking at its map, this
may be a quasi noteworthy sighting. Not rare, but...
If anyone would like a photo to verify, please let me know, either way they
would be new for me to see (Ive heard the GHO before).
A very raptor-y day for me!

Mitchell Von Rotz
Woodinville, WA
biglou22 at gmail.com
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