[Tweeters] Barred Owl eating carrion

Andrew Emlen aemlen at centurytel.net
Mon Dec 8 11:31:58 PST 2014

My friend Mark shot a black-tailed deer buck during hunting season here in Skamokawa, Wahkiakum County. After butchering the carcass he staked the skeleton out in one of his fields with the game camera pointed at it. In addition to photos of coyotes, house cats, Gray Jays, Steller's Jays, Western Scrub Jays, Common Ravens and American Crows feeding on the remains, he got several shots of a Barred Owl doing so. I saw an abstract of one scientific paper describing Barred Owls eating carrion, but don't know how common this might be. Has anyone else seen or photographed Barred Owls on carrion?

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