[Tweeters] Updated WA Bird Records Committee Decision Summaries and state checklist available online

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Matt, thanks so much to you and the WBRC from all of us in the birding community for doing a lot of hard work to assess all these bird reports and then to provide us with this information. Now you can rest easy, enjoy the holidays, and get in some birding!

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> Summaries and state checklist available online

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> Hi all -

> I'm pleased to announce an updated set of files on all the reports considered by the Washington Bird Records Committee (WBRC), updated through December 2014. You can find these on the WOS website at: http://wos.org/wbrcsummaries.html


> These files provide an easy way to look up information on any of the 2100+ reports (1697 accepted, 424 not accepted, 3 tabled and 2 historical, un-reviewable) the WBRC has considered. The files are presented as pdf files for easier printing, and in excel if you want to slice & dice the information to look at particular topics of interest. If you've found yourself wondering something like "How many spring Blackpoll Warblers have been accepted by the WBRC, and when did they occur?" this is the place to go to find that information for all the published and to-be-published reports.



> In all cases, the details provided in the formal published reports of the WBRC (#s 1-8), in Washington Birds, are more authoritative than this summary. In addition, more information can often be found in those published reports. Our hope is that this presentation will provide quick summary access to all the reports, much like an index. It will also help provide more recent information for rare birds reviewed by the WBRC but not yet published in a formal report. Previous WBRC published reports can be found at

> http://wos.org/wbrcreports.html


> In addition, the official state checklist and state review list [the list of all the species reviewed by the WBRC] have been updated and are available as word documents and pdf files at: http://wos.org/checklists.html


> While we attempt to avoid mistakes, there are inevitably still errors included in these files -- I welcome and appreciate any corrections you might find to offer, along with any suggestions and questions about the files.


> Thanks to the entire WBRC for help with these files,


> Best,

> Matt Bartels

> Secretary, WBRC

> Seattle, WA


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