[Tweeters] Slightly off topic, but relevant: Editorial in today's Olympian regarding WDFW Executive Director position

Ingrid Taylar ingrid at wildlifeconservationstamp.org
Sat Dec 6 12:51:10 PST 2014

Adding just two points to this discussion.

A recent paper is getting some press and some heated debate in wildlife advocacy circles. It tallies overall funding on a national level, from consumptive and non-consumptive users (http://wyofile.com/angus_thuermer/study-non-hunters-contribute-most-to-wildlife/).

There are, indeed, projects afoot to bring even more non-consumptive dollars into the future of conservation funding, a wider effort I’m happy to be a part of. We’re also seeing more and more discussions cropping up about the changing paradigm of conservation and conservation funding — and the need to acknowledge non-consumptive users as critical stakeholders in the process.

Ingrid Taylar
Seattle, WA

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