[Tweeters] Northern Hawk Owl NOT seen Dec 1

Cindy Willis cindyrwillis at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 07:41:28 PST 2014

We did not spot the Brewster Northern Hawk Owl today after searching for a good 1.5 hours. When we first got to Blossom Rd and the maple tree perch, we saw a juvenile female Cooper's hawk in that tree. The bird was there for awhile before moving to the orchard across N. Star Rd. We searched the orchard with the "tent" poles that Loren Mooney described as well as the surrounding orchards and trees around houses in a 1-2 mile area. We saw several kestrels, a very dark adult male sharpie, and a rufous-morph red-tailed hawk in the area. We consoled ourselves by thinking the COHA drove the NHOW away.

The dozens of bald eagles we saw last week on the Okanogan River have moved on as the river is frozen all the way across. We had a nice view of a golden eagle flying down the almost frozen Methow River and landing on a cliff above the river.

Cindy Willis
Carlton (Methow Valley)

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