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Connie Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 15:30:34 PST 2014

Hey tweets, The Fill was frozen pretty solid today but the lake's shoreline did eventually melt somewhat in the weak winter sunshine. The fact that all the ponds are still frozen solid but the lake is clear of ice had the effect of concentrating the waterfowl into Waterlily Cove and Union Bay.

We now have two large land masses that have emerged from the lake depths: Atlantis and Atlantisette, I guess (one is smaller than the other, though both are substantial).

With wavelets lapping the new continents, the waterfowl must have felt like they were skimming above the continental shelf, because there were some deeper-water birds (one might almost say seabirds) present today: Red-breasted Mergansers and Ruddy Ducks, along with some Common Goldeneyes. Quite a collection. Avast.

All joking aside, I think the whole bay has become extremely shallow, except for a channel along Foster Island where the big barges towing pieces of 520 bridge can still chug along. The shallow waters have attracted huge flocks of dabbling ducks, mostly American Wigeons, a couple Eurasian Wigeons, and a little band of Redheads.

Ma and Pa Eagle were taking advantage of the waterfowl cornucopia to snatch the odd coot or duck from the masses and enjoy a leisurely repast on the shore. One of the eagles likes to dip his/her talons into the lake and swish them around after eating, like a gourmet with a finger bowl. Although I always feel sorry for the coot or wigeon that gets caught, I must admit it is beautiful to see the eagles diving and soaring over the lake in the sunlight, their white heads and tails gleaming like polished onyx.

Here is a twitter poem for you today. It's a meditation on the connectedness of humans and wild creatures, to remind us that we all share the same planet:

I am not a bird,
can't tuck my face in feathers,
don't sit on eggs.
But I can catch the wind,
feel freedom slide by.
I am not a bird.
Am I?

- Connie Sidles, Seattle

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