[Tweeters] Juvenile shorebird help - solved!

Teresa Michelsen teresa at avocetconsulting.com
Sun Aug 31 19:03:55 PDT 2014

Wow, fast help, you all :)
Consensus is juvenile Baird's Sandpiper. Now for me to go off and study the
books - at least that was one of two I was considering and it didn't turn
out to be a Western after all :D I appreciate the tips, which had to do
with the overall coloring (one of the things I noticed), the scaly-looking
back, and the long projection of the primaries.

Thank you, Grace, Jim, Pat, Larry, and Evan - Teresa

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Hi all,
Visited Nisqually today with the Tacoma Mountaineers - was a tad less birdy
than usual, but nevertheless enjoyed the trip. We were watching a small
group of juvenile shorebirds on the mudflats near the beginning of the
boardwalk, one of which was clearly a juvenile Least Sandpiper. I have a
couple of photos up of another one that's puzzling me. I initially assumed
they were juvenile Westerns, being just a bit larger and black-legged, with
a slightly droopy bill. However, looking at the photos I'm not so sure. The
neck and breast seem much too streaky and dingy and there is no rufous
anywhere. I'm relying on Sibley and photos on the internet, but wanted to
get some input from those in the know... Here are the urls on Facebook, this
is set to public so hopefully you can see it. I'd like to hazard a guess but
I'm afraid to :D


Thanks in advance! - Teresa Michelsen, Olympia

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