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For the first time since moving into my current home in 2002, I had Juncos breed and spend the entire Summer months in my yard. There were many immature ones which points to local breeding. I have no feeders due to neighborhood cats and the illnesses that feeders can pass on. Just a wide variety of natives on a regular city lot. Go figure?

Jeff Baker
West Seattle

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>Here in the middle of Lewis County (Salkum/Cinebar area), several of us

>who have bird feeders have missed some species in the past several

>weeks--species that are usually here year round, such as Song Sparrows,

>Juncos, and Spotted Towhees. And the hummingbirds have been few and far



>We are wondering if others in the area have had the same experience and

>if anyone has any idea why.


>(In addition, some species that usually stay much longer left early--at

>about the same time the others disappeared--namely Purple Finch and

>Black-headed Grosbeak. Since the Evening Grosbeak and Varied Thrush did

>not even show up this summer, that leaves our feeders to the now-nesting

>Goldfinch, Jays, and Doves mostly.)


>Darlene Sybert



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