[Tweeters] Douglas Squirrel Attacks Band-tailed Pigeon

John Gatchet jfgatchet at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 22:37:14 PDT 2014

The Douglas Squirrels that clean up under my bird feeders are quite
territorial. They often charge the CALIFORNIA QUAIL and chase them from
their area under the feeders. A BAND-TAILED PIGEON was eating seed from
the ground under the feeders and was charged by a Douglas Squirrel several
times. The pigeon ignored the squirrel. I continued to watch and the
Band-tailed got into the squirrel's prime area under a feeder with hulled
sun flower seed. When the pigeon turned his back and continued to feed the
squirrel ran at it and jumped on it's back. The startled Pigeon took to
the air and the squirrel slid off. The BAND-TAILED PIGEON did not return.

John F. Gatchet
Gardiner, WA
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