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Elizabeth Hope Sims-Day elizah at uw.edu
Thu Aug 28 08:14:54 PDT 2014

I'm a student at Bastyr University's Kenmore Campus near Juanita and I can
confirm that there are definitely resident ravens living in the forest land
that's shared between Bastyr and St. Edward State Park. The crows are
always trying to discourage them from what they feel to be their own
territory, but there is no mistake that the ravens are here to stay! I know
that for a fact that the Bastyr ravens have fledged at least one batch of
offspring this season.

In fact, I just saw one of the lovely ravens just yesterday during one of
my trail walks. I've been noticing them for the last couple of years, maybe
as early as the fall of 2012...but most definitely from Spring 2013 to date.

The ravens often perch in the treetops near the student village in
proximity of the herb garden. I hear their persistent raucous calling
frequently coming from that vicinity and I have spied them several times
through my binoculars. I love them!


Elizabeth H. Sims-Day, Lake Forest Park
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