[Tweeters] NIsqually NWR 8/27/14

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Thu Aug 28 07:38:52 PDT 2014


Wednesday over 40 of us enjoyed a beautiful day ay Nisqually. Is started out cool and sunny and progressively warmed up. We had a 1.6 low tide at 1:27 PM so we saw lots of mud in the reclamation area and not much else.
It was mostly quiet but with some highlights.

The first highlight occurred on arrival at the visitor center at 7:30. There was a GREEN HERON roosting on a small stump over the pond. It offered great views and was still there when we started the walk 45 minutes later. the first of the year for me.

The next highlight was several SORA foraging along the edge of the cattails out near the start of the estuary boardwalk. As one group was watching a pair another group was watching a different paid about 50 yards away. Again, great views for everybody.

Also, the GREAT EGRET was seen out along the estuary boardwalk being eyed suspiciously by a GREAT BLUE HERON. No battle ensued that we saw.

Other notable sighting included OSPREY, several NORTHERN HARRIER, and a couple of TURKEY VULTURES along the Nisqually River. Again, the TVs were FOY for me.

For the day I had 34 species and now have 126 for the year.

There was a MUSKRAT at the visitor center pond and lots of FROGS and GARTER SNAKES were seen.

Until next week when we will have a better tide....

Phil Kelley
scrubjay323 at aol.com
Lacey, WA

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