[Tweeters] Oyhut, Ocean Shores: flotilla of loons

Paul Hicks phicks at accessgrace.org
Tue Aug 26 14:14:09 PDT 2014

Tweets, I shared the disappointment of shorebird sparsity at the Oyhut Game
Range with several other birders on Monday. However, I was interested to
find (and Mike Wallace would be, too) 18 Red-throated Loons in varying
plumage states huddled together on or within about 50 yards of the shore
behind the Ocean Shores STP. I almost always find this species in this
vicinity this time of year but never so many. The jetty was quite productive
for "rockpipers" considering the crowds: Ruddy Turnstone (2), Black
Turnstone (3?), Surfbird (1-2), Wandering Tattler (2-3), plus lots of Common
Murres and Surf Scoters close enough in to see through the fog. Did not find
the Baird's Sandpipers by the time I got to the STP (zero shorebirds) nor
any Elegant Terns or Ruff at the casino by me or other birders. All-in-all,
good company and a good workout! Good birding!
Paul Hicks / Tenino / phicks AT accessgrace DOT org

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