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Rob Conway robin_birder at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 26 12:42:28 PDT 2014

While I was on the back deck having my tea this morning I was treated to a large movement of migrants through the yard and greenbelt below me. I counted 22 Western Tanagers in 30 minutes as well as 15 Western Wood Peewees, 5 Olive-sided Flycatchers, 12 Red Breasted Nuthatches, 3 Wilson's Warblers, 6 Black-throated Grey Warblers, a Yellow Warbler, and a single Bullock's Oriole.

I've started to see groups of 6-20 Dark-eyed Juncos as well as a big uptick in Song Sparrows around the feeder. I've only had a single Black-headed Grosbeak this week after months of 10 or more daily. Red Crossbills continue to visit my pond/waterfall.

Interesting interaction of the morning was an immature Bald Eagle making multiple passes at a Great Blue Heron flying over quite high. The Heron was squawking and made a couple of jabs at the Eagle who was still following the Heron as they flew out of sight.
Good Birding

Rob Conway
Camas, WA
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