[Tweeters] Photo Friendly Baird's Sandpipers at Ocean Shores STP

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Mon Aug 25 20:49:58 PDT 2014

Hoping for some of the goodies seen at Ocean
Shores the past week, I went to the Game Range
today arriving a couple of hours before high
tide. A number of other birders showed up as
well. All in all pretty disappointing - although
I left a little early so they may have discovered
more birds after I departed. Maybe related to
numerous visits by a Peregrine, there simply were
not many birds nor much diversity. Mainly peeps
... predominantly Western Sandpipers. No Stilt
Sandpiper, no Buff Breasted and only possibly a
Golden Plover.

But there was a prize because although I have seen
a few Baird's Sandpipers this month, none have
resulted in good photos, and there are two quite
cooperative Baird's at the furthermost pond at the
Ocean Shores STP. Check in (ask for permission to
bird) at the admin building where there is Visitor
Parking and then make the circuit. They were
alone at first and then joined by a handful of
Least Sandpipers and a Killdeer. The comparison
with the Leasts was fun. The birds often raised
their wings - bringing home from another
perspective just how proportionately long they
are. Some photos at:

Blair Bernson

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