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Dianna Moore dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com
Sun Aug 24 19:06:37 PDT 2014

I would like to give a big shout-out to the Tahoma Audubon field trip
members for allowing the Grays Harbor Audubon field trip members to tag
along out at the Oyhut Wildlife Area today. We had a few really nice
sightings beginning with good views of a Stilt Sandpiper, a lifer for most
of the Grays Harbor group.

I was pleased to see some familiar faces, Faye, Diane, and the father-son
Wang team were those I know best, but other familiar faces...the names
escape me...sorry.

When the Tahoma Audubon group left for Bill's Spit, our much smaller group
stayed behind to watch as more mostly Western Sandpipers flew in with the
rising tide. We were rewarded with a great show of two Northern Harriers
engaging an immature Red-tailed Hawk...looked as though one of the harriers
was also an immature bird...then we watched as an immature, very dark
peregrine stooped once on a group of shorebirds. That was fun because we
watched the whole scenario develop; the falcon circling behind the birds,
coming out of the sun, then the almost palpable tension in the falcons body
indicating purpose, and the folding of wings and the power dive.

The falcon did not reappear, so it either caught prey or flew on. We later
saw it briefly complete a few circles with the red-tail over the radar
facility before exiting stage right.

Our original intention was to begin at the jetty, but in the 15 plus years
I have lived out here I have never seen so many people and cars out there,
so we moved on. It was a good choice. The fog cleared out and we had
sunshine and warmth, though the heat distortion was a bit of an issue.
Still, it felt good to be out birding again; I need to do more of that!

Dianna Moore
Ocean Shores
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