[Tweeters] Off-Topic (kind of): RFI on Critters Without Feathers

Ted Kenefick tgkenefick at msn.com
Sat Aug 23 22:30:26 PDT 2014

Hello All,

Despite many years of birding, photographing and exploring our fine state,
there are several critters of the mammalian variety that I have yet to come
across in Washington. While I know from experience that finding mammals can
involve quite a bit of luck, happenstance and serendipity, if those in the
Tweeter community have any specific locations on where to find Badger, Red
Fox, Porcupine (yes, porcupine.have seen many in Oregon but have eluded me
here!), either species of jackrabbit (both seriously declining) and
Washington Ground Squirrel I would be so appreciative.

Also, has anyone out there in Tweeter Land ever seen a Canada Lynx in the
state? I am not entertaining notions of finding one as this may be
equivalent to winning the lottery but I am curious if anyone has encountered
this animal - either actually observed or perhaps seen tracks, scat or other
sign. Seems between this species, wolverine, caribou etc. we have a number
of "phantom" mammal species in the state!

Please reply to me directly as I receive Tweeters in Digest Mode. If others
are interested, I will compile the replies in one email and send out to

Many, many thanks in advance and I apologize for veering off topic a bit.

Cheers and Good Birding & Mammaling!

Ted Kenefick

Maple Leaf, Seattle

<mailto:tgkenefick at msn.com> tgkenefick at msn.com

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