[Tweeters] Yard bird update...and much non-bird rambling...

Vicki Biltz vickibiltz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 08:29:41 PDT 2014

Hey Tweeters!
Things have been hopping over here, but more along the mice thing, then
the birds. The bird numbers have dropped, but we have some nice ones that
are constant. Cedar Waxwings are pretty much out here all day long, and
Crossbills are several times a day. Anna's are in abundance, as are the
non-migratory ones...
Last week we started having two Coopers Hawks showing up every couple of
I did meet the neighbors, and the mice are simply abundant around here,
even my golden retriever has been chasing, them.
Haven't seen or heard the Barred, or Western Screech owls for a while.
The Turkey Vulture has excused himself and flown off to a more productive
I did have a neighbor kid come and welcome me to the neighborhood, while
staring with hope in his eyes, at the very overgrown acre of grass in the
front. I think he was expecting one of the pretty young mothers that are
in the other three houses on this road. I had been cleaning and cooking,
and looked pretty scary. Mark said instead of a mom, he saw a
momster...(that was pretty funny, and very true!
Hairy and Downy BOTH found my suet the same day, but the Pileateds are
nowhere in sight.
It seems they stick to the back five acres.
No more elk, and no deer either, but the neighborhood pit bull is very
good at leaving his rather large signature on my grass without hesitation.

One thing I do love most, is getting to know all the Crossbill variations.
I've had a few calls and notes stump me, and I have to get out my
recordings and see what was going on, but chances are, I will just have to
learn the old fashioned way.
Mourning doves have been here a couple of times, and leave with a great
deal of disappointment in me as a birder. I'm only using sunflower and
suet, and they didn't appreciate the situation with all the field mice here.
The starlings are not around now, and the house sparrow has not been much
The neighbors moved their quarter horse down the the other pasture and put
their Palamino (SP?) in the pasture across the street. He LOVES dogs, and
gets so excited when Isabelle is out, he runs back and forth on the
property, in an attempt to have a chase with her. The other neighbors dog
is smaller and gets under the fence and plays with him all the time...

Well, have a wonderful weekend all of you!
Vicki Biltz
Buckley, WA 9821
vickibiltz at gmail.com

vickibiltz at gmail.com
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