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Wed Aug 20 17:23:12 PDT 2014

The Seattle Audubon trip to Vashon Island totaled just under 50 species
today but we still saw a number of interesting birds including several first
of season (FOS) birds.

In Tramp Harbor, several groups of Horned Grebes (FOS) foraged somewhat
mixed together with Red-necked Grebes which returned a couple of weeks ago.
A number of grebes from both species still had red plumage, a bunch just
looked dirty and a few already looked clean black and white. A couple of
Surf Scoters (FOS) dived off Ellisport in the northern part of Tramp Harbor
and others attacked the barnacles on the pilings.

At Fisher Pond, a number of Green-winged Teal (FOS) blended in almost
completely with the mud until turning just right to flash a bit of green on
their wing. Four juvenile Pied-billed Grebes peaked at us from amongst some
of the lily pads.

The shorebird front was disappointing with mostly just Killdeer, a Spotted
and peeps but as we made the ferry crossing, a Red-necked Phalarope nicely
dropped down on to a patch of floating weed directly in front of our course
for a good, quick, close look. If you take either the Pt.
Defiance/Tahlequah ferry or Fauntleroy/Vashon ferry over the next couple of
weeks, watch for the floating weed patches, they attract from 1-100 or so
phalarope at this time of year. We had some good alcid action from the
ferry as well with many Pigeon Guillemot, a couple of Rhinocerous Auklets
and a single fly by Common Murre.

Young raptors provided entertainment twice during the trip. At Fern Cove,
an immature Sharp-shinned Hawk chased unsuccessfully after a number of birds
including kingfishers and crows and was mobbed in turn by them. At Tramp
Harbor, a Peregrine Falcon disappeared pursuing a couple of ravens only to
return a few minutes later following an Osprey and being itself tailed by
upset Purple Martins.


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