[Tweeters] Frenchmans Bar Regional Park, Clark Co, WA and shorebirds at Ridgefield NWR

Bob rflores_2 at msn.com
Mon Aug 18 16:20:10 PDT 2014

Birds to note at Frenchman's Bar

Least flycatcher 1
Townsend's warbler 1
Wilson's warbler 4
Yellow warbler 4
Black-throated gray warbler 4
Band-tailed pigeon 2
Red-breasted nuthatch 2
Warbling vireo 3
Western tanager 10

Rest Lake, Ridgefield NWR

Lesser yellowlegs 27
Least sandpiper 130
Long-billed Dowitcher 13
Greater yellowlegs 4
Semipalmated sandpiper 1
Semipalmated plover 3

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA

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