[Tweeters] P&R choices for birding trips

Qinglin Ma qinglineric at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 09:47:30 PDT 2014

Hi tweets,

I would like to report that the catalytic converter from my car got stolen
last Saturday at the Newport Hill's P*R in Bellevue. I parked there for the
Eastside Audubon Society trip to Mt. Rainier. According to police who came
this kind of crime is on the rise and happens quite often now. If you have
a SUV or Truck that has enough ground clearing, the thief will get under
neath the car and does it. They sell it to scrap metal for rare metals.
According to the Honda dealer today my CRV catalytic converter parts alone
costs $1700. The thief damaged the oxygen sensor and another sensor that
costs $500 each.

My suggestion for future birding trip meet up place would be where there
are security cameras. The newer P*R or covered P&R most likely will have

Good luck with your vehicle and park where it is more secure.

By the way the trip to Mt. Rainier was great. Andy McCormick probably will
write a report soon.

Qinglin Ma
Kirkland, Wa
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