[Tweeters] Edmonds Roundup

Carol Riddell cariddellwa at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 15:55:18 PDT 2014

We will say ditto as to the appearance of Red Crossbills (code 3). We had a report this morning of several vocalizing in the trees above a house near 220th St. SW & 76th. Ave. W. Shortly thereafter they were seen flying north along 84th Ave. W. near the Chase Lake Elementary School. Evening Grosbeaks (code 3) have also been seen recently in a neighborhood, making their first reported appearance for the year.

We are still awaiting a Baird's or other not-so-common shorebird at the Edmonds marsh. Recent shorebird species have been the expected Semipalmated Plover, Least Sandpiper,and Western Sandpiper. The marsh did host our first Green Heron (code 3) of the year yesterday.

The waterfront offers the expected birds. There are lots of Heermann's Gulls. Look for them on the marina's south breakwater, flying and fishing in the nearshore waters, or resting and bathing at Shell Creek on low tides. Pigeon Guillemot numbers are low. Rhinoceros Auklet numbers vary with the day and time of day, but can be seen regularly. Common Murres are being seen intermittently. California Gulls are roosting in large numbers (100 - 200) on the roof of the former Waterfront Antique Mall, just east of the railroad station. Numbers are higher in the evening. A single Black Scoter drake was just west of the Underwater Park the evening of August 12th. I had good scope views and it remained for the time I was there, which was 30 minutes. The yellow knob on its bill really stood out. I have not relocated it on subsequent evenings.

We are at 165 species for the year.

Carol Riddell
Edmonds, Wa

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