[Tweeters] Notes from Shorebird Quest Foray to Eastern WA Today ... and Eastern Wood Pewee Continues at Trail's End Ranch

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Wed Aug 13 20:44:57 PDT 2014

I spent today looking for shorebirds to photograph
at various ponds in Eastern WA - 1-90, Frenchman's
Road, Lind Coulee, County Line Ponds etc. Also
stopped by Trail's End Ranch to say hello to the
Eastern Wood Pewee for the second year in a row.
The latter is still there after last night's
lightning/thunderstorm. Sings loud and clear and
easy to find. Also present were Western Wood
Pewees and a Pacific Slope Flycatcher. (Eastern
and Western Kingbirds were nearby.) There is NO
water in the County Line Ponds on Hwy 26 - a
wasted stop. Still trying to ID some of the birds
at Birder's Corner - Western and Least Sandpipers
for sure, Black Necked Stilts, Killdeer, Lesser
Yellowlegs and trying to decide if there were also
Sanderlings and/or Semipalmated SP. At the Sewage
Ponds at Winchester Rest Stop (be advised that the
frontage road is "closed" - if you heed the signs)
were a Semipalmated SP, a Baird's, many Killdeer,
both Yellowlegs, Black Necked Stilts and some
Wilson's Phalaropes and possibly a Red Necked plus
two spotted. I was hoping to find a Solitary SP
to photograph but no luck.

Lots of Great Egrets around - Lind and Rock
Coulees, Columbia south of Vantage and Potholes area.

The shorebirds are coming out of breeding plumage
and are quite varied ... I have a headache.

Blair Bernson

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