[Tweeters] Citizen science volunteers need for California Condor project

Chazz Hesselein chazz at hesselein.com
Tue Aug 12 11:49:57 PDT 2014

Dear Tweeterverse,

Came across this request for citizen science volunteers. I spent an hour
or so on the project this morning and it's addictively fun! Here's the
call for help from Calbirds:

> Hi All,
> A friend of mine, Myra Finkelstein, who works on CA Condors, (she's a
toxicologist), asked me to post the following citizen science project
that some folks might want to participate in.
> Here's the press release:
> http://news.ucsc.edu/2014/04/condor-watch.html
> And here's more information:
> http://www.condorwatch.org/
> If you have further questions you can contact Myra directly:
> Myra Finkelstein <myraf at ucsc.edu>
> Cheers,
> Sophie
> ⟡⟢⟢⟢⟢⟢⟢⟢⟢⟢
> Sophie Webb
> www.sophiewebb.com
> Sophie at oikonos.org

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