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Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Tue Aug 12 08:47:44 PDT 2014

Last night I headed home to Everett on the Edmonds ferry. It was one of those magically calm evenings on the Sound. T-shirt weather even standing out on deck.
I lucked out and got parked near the front of the boat on the lower deck by the "windows". Kind of spaced-out after a long stint at 'Alzheimer's Acre' in Port Townsend, I just sat in my truck with the window rolled down, and enjoyed the light show of sunset colors reflected on the very calm water - pink, purple, blue-green. Very fine.
"Hey" I realized, " I should be checking for birds since it's so easy to see with this calm water", so I slapped on my super-dooper eyeglasses for the nearsighted, that usually I only wear while driving. I tend to forget about them otherwise. I'm still amused at the transition from sort of a mildly impressionistic view of the world without them, to sharp vision- still a Wow moment for this recent eyeglass wearer.
Anyhoo, now seeing in great detail, I scanned for birds in the summer doldrums. Not too many (I wasn't trying too hard), in fact a total of 9 birds: 2 Heerman's Gulls, 4 Guillemots, and 3 Common Murres. The Murres were fairly close to Edmonds, but out of shore scope range.
Then the surface was roiling in one spot- 3 Harbor Porpoise - very nice.
Right after that I was leaning over the rail when some sort of European gentleman, came up nearby, and in second-hand English boomed out "BEAUTIFUL!" with great enthusiasm. I hadn't noticed him till then, and his clear voice jolted me out of another drift into Type 2 Alzheimer's - that's a contagious form brought about by overexposure to regular ol' Alzheimer, or otherwise demented people, like my parents. Luckily the symptoms of Type 2 are temporary (I hope) and are improved by some separation from the source.
Well, the enthusiastic guy was right, and following his look, I watched the sun go down; a fuzzy flaming ball. On the drive home I had NPR on the radio, which was loaded with depressing world news which I realized was seriously diminishing my previous Puget Sound high, so I turned it off and reestablished World Peace - my world anyway. I put on a John Prine CD and felt better.
Last evening, at home again, was treated to that Puget Sound rarity, a Thunderstorm, with plenty of light, thunder, and finally, rain.
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