[Tweeters] Woodway Long-tailed jaeger (?) 8-11-14

Bill Anderson billandersonbic at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 11 23:16:22 PDT 2014

Monday morning (8/11) my son, our friend Dave, and I took
advantage of the super moon's super low tide to walk the beach south
from Edmonds' Marina Park off leash dog park at Pt. Edwards toward Pt. Wells.  

I took a photo of some gulls resting on one of the sandbars exposed by the low tide.  I believe this section of beach is in Woodway.   Looking at my photos on the computer, I noticed one bird which did not look like the others.  Pulling out the Sibleys, it looks as though it could be a juvie long-tailed jaeger.  That would be quite ironic as Dave said he wants to find a jaeger this year.

Scroll down page 48 to post #472 and let us know what you think: juvie long-tailed jaeger or just another juvie gull.
Wldlife of Edmonds, WA. 2014 - Page 48

Wldlife of Edmonds, WA. 2014 - Page 48
At 62 pages, the original Edmonds wildlife thread was getting a bit cumbersome, so I am starting a new one for 2014. This will also help me in the year ahea...
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Bill Anderson; Edmonds, WA. USA

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