[Tweeters] Stunned Selasphorus

A & S Hill 60stops2home at kalama.com
Sat Aug 9 18:16:36 PDT 2014


At 5:25 p.m. Saturday, I watched a Rufous Hummingbird at the nectar feeder.
There were no other birds around, surprisingly. When it finished eating, it
flew full-speed into the picture window on the porch.

I put the little gem into a box with a soft towel and set the box on the
porch. Here's a photo of it six minutes post-strike:

Thirty minutes post-strike, both eyes were open, its breathing had
normalized, it had tucked its wings in, and the hummingbird was looking
around in its box. I hope it recovers.

Amy Hill

Kalama, Washington

628 feet up in Cowlitz County

60stops 2 home at kalama dot com

Artlessfun at yahoo dot com

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