[Tweeters] Birdfeeders

Jon Purnell and Sherrie Rogers jonnsher at wavecable.com
Sat Aug 9 17:42:05 PDT 2014

Bears aren't the only problem with birdfeeders. They can bring rats.I'd
never had one before but we have neighbors down a ways and their property
has tons of apples and ton's of overgrown blackberry vines and we actually
had one.the neighbor between the other neighbor and us has had them more
because of the food.

While visiting a client I was watching birds out the window at their feeders
and watched a rat climb the pole to eat the food. He had no idea that he
even had a rat so was able to track it down and bait and kill it.

We have two Bernese mountain dogs and in 40 years have never had deer in our
yard but last year after returning from vacation on got it our yard..this
year we had a raccoon and I know he was after the birdfeeders.

We thought that the squirrels were knocking them off the trees. The dogs
treed the raccoon twice about 3 weeks apart but when we have a problem we
take them down for a couple of weeks. Put them back up and if needed repeat
and leave them down for another 2-3 weeks. We had a young coopers hawk one
spring and it caught a couple of our birds. We took the seed down and put
them back up a couple of weeks later and the hawk never showed up again.

We have a pest control company that comes every 2 months and sprays from
April-Oct and they say that bird food is THE main cause of rats and mice and
IF you see one...there ARE more.

The squirrels drive me crazy, I don't want my dogs to get into it with a
raccoon, I hate mice and rats but I do love the birds. Since we have been
keeping seed and suet up.we have had so many more birds in our yard and it
is a joy to be able to see the parents feeding fledgings and to see all the
young. As with everything there are pros and cons and you just have to
figure out what works for you. We've only ever had one diseased Finch at
the feeder and again we took the feeder down, threw away the remaining seed,
scrubbed the feeder and bird baths waited for 2 weeks and put them up again.
It seems to work for us.

Sherrie and Jon

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