[Tweeters] Silence of the Squirrels

Dennis Paulson dennispaulson at comcast.net
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Jeff, you are obviously a friend of the squirrels who they realize means them no harm at all, even though you ate one once and then used it as a frisbee. But you were a Californian then--enough said.

Whenever I startle one in my yard, or occasionally when a cat has the nerve to pass through, or even on a few occasions when a Cooper’s Hawk has arrived, one or more of our Eastern Gray Squirrels lets out a string of very audible alarm calls, always accompanied by tail twitches.

I agree that they’re quieter than Douglas Squirrels and chipmunks and ground squirrels and marmots, all of which use their voices in more ways than just alarm calls.

Dennis Paulson

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> In my last squirrel post I forgot to mention one item - an update on Eastern Gray squirrel vocalizations, as not heard by me.

> Last November I posted my surprise at hearing an amazingly loud Gray squirrel blaring forth in my north Everett neighborhood - in more than 50 years here in the Puget Sound country, I'd never heard one say anything. Seemed weird, as I had heard other species of Gray squirrels.

> I figured that as soon as I posted about that, two things would happen. First, the eye-rolling of fellow tweeters would begin, by folks who hear plenty from Eastern Gray squirrels. Secondly, I myself would start hearing more Gray squirrels immediately, proving me to be a fool, or at least deaf and inattentive for my whole life.

> I did get some polite and very informative responses from several tweeters, which was nice, and yes they heard Eastern Gray squirrels all the time.

> However, I still haven't heard another E. Gray Squirrel, despite having seen many, and the ones in Port Townsend are just as quiet as those in Everett, or any place else I happen to be.

> Not being deaf ,or completely without awareness, I guess that just leaves a fool- in the silence of squirrels.

> Jeff Gibsonjust sayin' in,Wherever Wa

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