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Ahhhh ! But there is hope Mr. Templeton.
I live in Fall City which is pretty much Bear country in my world. last year I had 4 bears on my Game camera and didn't get one feeder smashed. Not to go into to much detail but will definitely send anybody pictures and details if you email me.
I simply hung a 150' camouflage rope from tree to tree and a couple feeders in the middle 9 feet' off the ground,because they actually grabbed it once at 8'.Poor eyesight or whatever they cant make the connection to climb the tree and break the rope.
Don't give up on having Birds at your home because of those smart Bears ! I'll even come to your home and help you set it up if you can't yourself.

Bird On !!!

Rick forsman
Fall city Wa.

On Aug 9, 2014, at 7:34 AM, "Dave Templeton" <crazydave65 at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi:


> probably the most important tning to think about with bird feeders may not be intuitive: are there bears in your neighborhood?


> if the answer to that question is yes, then a bird feeder is a very bad idea. turns out bears think bird seed is pretty good stuff. suet is even better. there's an article about bears in one of the seattle papers recently which goes into the issue in some depth. and i have had personal experience within the last few months. a friend decided to set up some feeders. one morning about 11 am i looked out on her deck and there was mr. bear. looked like 300 or 400 pounds of mr. bear. i have a picture of mr bear and his muzzle is about twice as large as that of the biggest german shepherd i have ever seen. i opened the door and yelled around it and he left. i did not make eye contact (actually didn't even see him as i only opened it a crack). he left at that point. i did not have a backup plan had he not left, other than to nnote therre is another door that opens on the other side of the house. a week or so later, mr. bear came back and decided to dine on the cherry tree. the tree is pretty leggy and is thirty feet tall or so. mr bear went up about ten feet and broke off a 3 to 4 inch branch to see if the cherries out there were worth sampling. given the location of the branch, mr. bear has the strength to hang onto a tree and (probably) with one hand break a large branch nearly completely off a living tree. i have no desire to meet mr. bearr in real time, face to face. i go into great detail, because i had never thought of human bear interactions in such depth before.


> in summation, if one lives in an area where there are no bears, then the bird feeder, pro or con, discussion is worthwhile. if one lives where bears live, in my judgement, that should be the end of the conversation.


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