[Tweeters] skamania County Migrants

Wilson Cady gorgebirds at juno.com
Fri Aug 8 19:56:51 PDT 2014

We had a fairly slow day of migrants on Mt. Pleasant, at the west end of the Columbia River Gorge, with a couple of periods of intense birding. After the clouds broke about 10am a mixed flock moved through that contained 2 BROWN CREEPERS, a species we haven't had here in several years, 10 BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLERS and 6 WILSON'S WARBLERS. The afternoon brought some flycatchers, 2 WESTERN WOOD-PEWEES, 3 WILLOW FLYCATCHERS and 4 PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHERS. A few CEDAR WAXWINGS and WESTERN TANAGERS have been checking out the Bitter Cherry and Cascara trees but so far there are only a few ripe berries on them. Yesterday are best birds were a OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER and a gorgeous male LAZULI BUNTING. The numbers of hummingbirds are increasing but so far we haven't spotted anything but RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRDS, we should get some Calliope and Black-chinned later this month. Wilson Cady
Columbia River Gorge, WA

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