[Tweeters] crow roost in the north

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There is a large crow roost at UW Bothell. One of the routes used by the crows heading to the night roost is right down the Bothell-Everett Highway and over the North Creek Wetland. As part of the Edmonds CBC last winter, Tina and I counted the 'river of crows' on the evening flight to the roost site. We came up with 10,000 crows in just a bit over an hour.


Rick Taylor
Everett, WA

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> Greetings. Recently a friend who lives near N. Creek Park (just south of Mill Creek, in Snohomish County) asked me if there was a crow roost up near there. She regularly sees crows headed south over the bog at North Creek and wondered where the birds were headed.


> Does anyone know? Any help would be appreciated.


> Thanks kindly,

> David

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