[Tweeters] Osprey, Bald Eagle and Squirrel?

Dea birdmandea at aol.com
Sun Aug 3 15:32:29 PDT 2014

Greetings to all,

After an hour of canoeing in Chambers Bay waiting for a family of King Fishers to settle down for a portrait I had had enough. While paddling back to the pull out I saw an Osprey attack a tree branch branch snapping it off. It flew over head and I took a picture. Moments later the resident male Bald Eagle came flying down stream over the dam with an Osprey hot behind him with the female resident Bald a Eagle hot on the Osprey's tail. I pulled the camera up as the osprey stooped the eagle. I was wearing polarized sun glasses and thought I saw a fish in the eagles talons. They tangled it up for a few seconds until the big female bald eagle got close and the osprey aborted the attack. The female took a high perch while the male took the squirrel further downstream.
The bald eagle chicks have fledged and are in the area trees waiting for food to be delivered.
After I down loaded the pictures I discovered the Eagle had a Grey Squirrel.
A new one for me.

Four photos are posted on my Flicker


all of these birds are also in my last two blog post.

This one has the same birds fighting after the female eagle returns with a live rabbit.



Thanks to all.

Take care,

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