[Tweeters] Ducklings trapped?

Debbie McLeod athanases at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 30 17:08:30 PDT 2014

My mom lives in an assisted living community in Woodinville. Today while visiting her I was surprised to see a female mallard with 11 tiny ducklings in the courtyard. It is surrounded by a 3-story building, with only one doorway that goes to an interior hallway, then another door leads outside, where there is a busy parking area. There are sport fields next door and the river is on the other side of a busy road (hwy 202).

The courtyard has no natural water or natural food sources. I saw one birdbath on the ground.

I am worried about these ducklings! My mom is going to ask the management if they have a plan, but I thought I would get recommendations in case they don't.

I checked a few wildlife rehabilitation providers online, they seem to be geared towards injured animals that you bring to them.

Please advise!

Debbie McLeod

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