[Tweeters] Sikes Lake Long-billed Curlew

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Tue Apr 29 19:14:12 PDT 2014

Hi Tweets:

Between 4 and 6 PM, today, April 29, Mike and I saw a shorebird in the
plowed field, across from the horse farm, near Sikes Lake. Initially we
identified it as a Long-billed Curlew. But knowing how unusual it would be, we
tried to make it into a Whimbrel. The bird was large and the bill, long.
The bird wasn't close, the lighting was changing frequently. Then it
called. Curlew. As time passed, it called some more, preened and
wing-stretched. When Grace and Ollie Oliver showed up, we agreed it had to be a curlew.
Ollie will be processing the photos. The curlew eventually flew high and
southwest, not to be relocated this evening.

Joyce Meyer
Mike West
_meyer2j at aol.com_ (mailto:meyer2j at aol.com)

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